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Nutrafin Master Test Kit, Contains 10 Test Parameters
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $90.99 Lowest price: New $80.99
~ Master Test Kit; Ensures your fish are living a proper environment
~ Includes all Hagen test kits including ammonia, pH, calcium, phosphate, iron, nitrite, nitrate, KH and GH
~ Easy-to-read color charts are included
~ For fresh and saltwater aquariums; Full instructions for each test
~ Packed in a solid, durable case that holds everything; Acts as an excellent working area

The Nutrafin Master Test Kit is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums. It includes 10 test parameters to help make sure you are providing a proper living environment for your fish and plants including tests for: Phosphate, Calcium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, pH High Range, pH Low Range, Carbonate Hardness, General Hardness and Iron. The Nutrafin Master Kit is provided in a durable plastic case for extended service life and reagent protection. The kit also includes: 5 glass test tubes with caps, 2 pipettes, 1 spoon and 4 instruction booklets, which is everything you will need to test your aquarium's environment.

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