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Exo Terra Water Plant, Duckweed
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $4.69 Lowest price: New $3.50
~ Unique, life-like plants
~ Provides resting places in the water
~ Prevents drowning of insects and reptiles
~ Creates natural hiding spots for aquatic species
~ Floating water plants; for areas where real plants won't thrive

The Exo Terra Duckweed Water Plant is a unique life-like plant that is an excellent addition to a water dish, or to the aquatic part of a natural terrarium. Floating water plants give certain aquatic species (such as frogs, salamanders and turtles) the necessary hiding places or resting areas they require. Another benefit of adding plants is that they help prevent smaller animals and feeding insects from drowning. The Exo Terra Duckweed Water Plant is easy to clean and is the perfect addition for your terrarium. It helps to create a natural environment in which your reptile feels right at home.

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