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Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Bowl with LEDs, 1.8 gallon
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $33.01 Lowest price: New $33.01 Used $28.06
~ Desk top, 1.8 gallons
~ Unique waterfall feature
~ Cartridge based filtration
~ On/off button for light
~ Pump driven power filter

If you're interested in getting an aquarium, but hoping for something unique, fun and all-in-one, we have the kit for you! The Tetra(R) Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit has built-in filtration that doubles as a waterfall feature for your tank. With the flip of a switch, the low voltage LED lights will illuminate your beautiful new globe environment and complete the look. The soothing waterfall feature is the perfect final touch for your new environment. With built in filtration, the top feature adds double the benefits. The Tetra(R) Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit provides a great environment for first-time fish keepers. No matter what type of fish you are interested in, this kit is the start you're looking for. This unique take on the classic "fish bowl" shape gives you the perfect opportunity to add personality to your home. Whether you want one fish or two, the possibilities are endless with the colored gravel and plant combinations.

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