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Luffy Coco Mini Moss - Builds a Beautiful and Natural Aquascape: Easy Care, Hardy and Long Lasting Plant: Filters and Provides Aquariums with Oxygen (1 Pc Coco Mini Moss)
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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~ LIVE IMPORTED MINI MOSS --- Coming all the way from Asia, these helpful aquatic plants suck up nitrates, CO2 and fish waste. Because this 100% all natural moss is wild harvested without any pesticides, it may arrive with some brown spots. These spots are perfectly natural and will turn green as soon as the moss adjusts to its new environment and water conditions.
~ BEAUTIFUL FEATHERY LEAVES --- LUFFY Coco Mini Moss have beautiful, small leaves that cluster together, giving it a feathery texture. Mix and match with other underwater plants to build a naturalistic aquascape.
~ STAND ALONE PLANT --- These don't need to be anchored down in order to grow. Every LUFFY Coco Mini Moss comes attached to an organic coconut husk so all you have to do is place it at the bottom of your tank or tie it to a mesh to create a vertical green wall.
~ SLOW GROWING, HARDY PLANT --- Naturally a hardy plant, this is perfect for first time aquarium owner or experts who don't want to spend too much time fussing over their aquarium plants. LUFFY Coco Mini Moss grow slowly and has longevity.
~ EASY TO CARE --- LUFFY Coco Mini Moss is a high quality plant that can thrive in most aquarium conditions. Simply give it a quick, gentle rinse before adding it to your large or small tank, then leave it as it is and enjoy how your aquarium looks!

All the way from the waters in Asia, the LUFFY Coco Mini Moss is now available to you anywhere in the USA. This beautiful species of mini moss is beloved for their unique appearance. Their small leaves are clustered together giving it a gorgeous feathery look that complements any aquascape.

LUFFY Coco Mini Moss thrive in almost all aquarium conditions. They are great in absorbing nitrates, CO2 and fish wastes, keeping tanks clean and providing tanks with some oxygen. Not only are they beautiful, LUFFY Coco Mini Moss is easy to care for and is favoured amongst new and avid aquarium enthusiasts who are looking for fuss-free plants.

LUFFY Coco Mini Moss can easy be placed on the ground of your tank without a substrate. These mini moss grows slowly and have great longevity. This means you need not worry about replacing them. All you have to do is find a place for it and watch it grow lush and abundantly.

Your LUFFY Coco Mini Moss comes attached to an organic coconut husk, already tied down so you can just place it in your tank immediately. Tie them to a mesh to create a vertical green wall. The possibilities and benefits of owning a LUFFY Coco Mini Moss are endless, so get yours today.

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