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LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern: Live Aquatic Plant with 10+ Leaves : Provides a Natural Environment for Your Fish: Easy Care: Hardy Plant with Longevity: Bring more color to your Aquascape
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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~ LIVE IMPORTED PHILIPPINES JAVA FERN --- Microsorum pteropus "Philippine", or Philippines Java Fern is a beautiful species of underwater fern. Every LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern comes with more than 10 leaves, each varying between 3 to 8 inches: ready to grow in your aquarium.
~ DARK GREEN ADDS CONTRAST --- LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern are prefered by aquarium enthusiasts for their naturally darker green hue. When mixed with other underwater plants, it gives the overall aquascape a beautiful contrasting spectrum.
~ ANCHOR IT DOWN --- Philippines Java Ferns need to be anchored down in order to grow. Every LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern comes attached to an organic coconut husk. All you have to do is plant it without covering its rhizomes (roots).
~ HARDY FERN --- Naturally a hardy fern, this is perfect for first time hobbyists or experts who don't want to spend too much time fussing over their plants. They grow slowly and has longevity.
~ EASY TO CARE FOR --- LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern just needs slightly harder water and fare well in low light and CO2 levels. At full adulthood, they can grow up to 12 inches tall.

Aquarium enthusiasts, here's a reason to smile. The LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern is now available worldwide. This species of fern coveted for their leaf shape and overall beauty is a native of the Philippines and was once only available in Southeast Asia.

Known particularly for its slightly broad leaves that embody a hammered like surface pattern, the naturally darker green hue of the Philippines Java Fern adds depth and contrast when placed with other underwater plants in any aquascape.

Beauty aside, this plant is easy to care for and is favoured amongst new hobbyists or avid aquarium enthusiasts who are looking for fuss-free plant options to beautify their tank. LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Ferns thrive in brackish water (similar to those of its natural habitats in the Panay islands). They grow great even with low CO2 levels, dimly lit tanks or with minimal to no plant food. With strong light however, these ferns evolve into a brighter, more striking green - giving you the flexibility to play up or tone down the colour and design of your tank. LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Ferns can easy be placed on the ground of your tank or used as an epiphyte on rocks or driftwood. As long as they are tied down and their rhizomes (roots) aren't covered, these ferns will slowly grow and live for a long time, reaching up to 12 inches or more when it reaches adulthood.

Your LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern will come attached to an organic coconut husk, already tied down so you can just place it in your tank immediately. Each plant will bear at least 10 leaves, each at a size range of 3 to 8 inches. Your adolescent LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Ferns will finally, after travelling all the way from the Philippines, be ready to grow under your care.

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